Important Announcement from the Chairman of the Robertshaw Festival Committee

The Festival has been a valued part of the cultural life of Bingley for many years. It has provided opportunities

for many adults and children to develop their musical, speaking and dramatic skills, which have been of 

immense value to them.

I am writing to thank you for your support of the Festival over the years, and to let you know that sadly it has

been decided to end the Festival. This decision has been taken by the Festival Committee and the Friends of

the Festival for a variety of reasons.


The present members of the Committee have served for many years and a number of crucial members

(myself as Chair, the Treasurer, the chief Steward) as well as more recently recruited members such as the 

Speech and Drama member have decided to resign from their positions. Without these members it will not be

possible to organise the Festival.


In addition to the loss of these key members, it has been noticeable that over the last few years the music 

entries have declined and many music and speech classes have not been viable. Adult and choir entries

have also declined to the point where there has been little in the way of real competition.


Financially it has been necessary to subsidise the Festival from the reserves which will be exhausted in two

to three years.

The 2017 Festival was successful and enjoyed by all who took part or attended. The Committee and Friends

felt at the recent meetings that it was good time to end the Festival when it was still successful, rather than

see it peter out over a period.


I know that you will be saddened to hear this news, but I can assure you that the decision was not taken 

lightly. You will be pleased to know that the remaining assets of the Festival will be made available eventually

to organisations which have the same basic aims as the Robertshaw Festival Committee.


Thank you again for all your past support.


Yours sincerely,


Tom Walls, Chairman, Robertshaw Festival Committee